What is Stock lot or Surplus Garments?

In some case buyers cancel the shipment, these cancel garments are generally known as stock lot or export surplus garments. Besides, leftover garments those remain in factory are called stock lot or surplus garments. Almost all factories sell their stocks garments at very cheap price compared to actual price.

Surplus or Stocklot Garments

Surplus or Stocklot Garments

What’s the reason of surplus garments or stock garments?

  1. Generally a factory extra cutting of garment 2.5% – 5% to fulfill the total order quantity. After completed shipment of garments as per order quantity. The Extra garments are called stock lot or surplus garments.
  1. Some of garments are rejected by buyer’s representative during inspection. The main cause of rejection the quality does not meet the buyer requirement as per order. These garments is also known as stock lot or surplus garments.
  1. Cancel Shipment: The main reason of stock lot garments is shipment cancel. It may be happen due to delay of shipment as per pre scheduled.  Sometimes buyers cancel the shipment when the garment does not meet the requirement as per ordered specification.


Benefits of surplus garments

  1. The main benefits of surplus or stock lot garments price. The price is so cheaper. Now a day it’s a profitable business.
  2. You will get ready products designed by popular designer. No cost for planning, design etc. No need extra time.


 Problem of surplus garments 

  1. The main problems of surplus or stock lot garments mismatch of ratio. Most of the products have no accurate size or color ratio.
  2. In aspect quality stock garments never fulfill.

In spite of some disadvantage its popular and profitable business for small business. But when you buy stock garments you have to notice some points.

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